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Written on January 15, 2016
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Bangarraju&Ramu roles are another milestone characters in Nag films. @Itslavanya is perfect in her role. @anuprubens songs & BGM superb.#SCN

Written on January 31, 2014
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Movie started. Titles marked the style of Puri once again. He poured in a lot of glamour at beach.

* Police catches a gang of kidnappers in Goa but villain will brutally damages legs and hands of Police.

* The story begins after a year in Spain.

* Hero Nitin entry with a fight.

* As guessed in Puri’s movie fight will be followed by a song. And its now the time for the song “ee chitti life lo”

* Heroine Adah Sharma enters the screens and Nitin heart will be attacked by love. Yes Nitin plays a drama to get her mobile number.

* Comedian Brahmi is on screens now. Adah Sharma visits her friend. Nitin is a part time job holder in Spain.

* Brahmi makes satirical comedy on Titanic.

* Nitin asks Aada a kiss. Now its again a song ” nuvvante chala chala ishtame”

* Nitin helps cops to catch a drug racket in Spain and then follows a song

* Movie is boring with a routine story

* Adah Sharma also fell in Love with Nitin. But she is hurt, with Nitin’s opinion on Love.

* “Selavanuko Mari Edavake Manasa” song …….

* Another fight ……

* DEEP KISS to Nitin by Adah ….

………………… INTERVAL…………………

* Varun came to Goa. Here another Girl’s entry. Sub-song….”Ra Ra Vastava….”

* Nitin remembers and recollects Adah Sharma….

* Anoop’s R.R is good.

* Villain falls in love with Adah…. Nitin starts searching Hayati ……

* Another song…..”Nee Kosame…” Anoop composed good music.

* Ali’s entry … as Rajni fan …..some comedy.

* Nitin is still in search of Adah…

* He takes the help of Ali to find out Adah…

* At last, Nitin finds Adah… but its too late… her marriage is already fixed….

* Nitin will get Rs.2 crore, if he catches the kidnap gang…. So, he enters into the scene of action.

* The story of kidnap gang comes to an end.

* Lovers meet ….emotional scene

* Another fight is going on ….

* Another emotional scene with the Heroine family…

* Now, Nitin has to get Rs.50 lakhs.

* Prakash Raj’s entry……

* Nitin will get Rs.2 crore, if he catches the kidnap gang…. So, he enters into the scene of action. Climax fight….

* The story of kidnap gang comes to an end.

* Lovers meet at the End !


Written on January 10, 2014
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->Here we go... Titles rolled and Little Superstar Gautham's entrance.

->Fans over here are cheering for Prince Mahesh Babu. Exciting aura.

->Superstar Mahesh Babu enterted as a rockstar and his name is Gautham.

->Time for the first song...'Who are you...Who are you'

->Superstar looking young and handsome.

->An exciting and stunning chasing scene. Well Composed.

->And....Actress Kriti Sanon makes her entry as Sameera. She is playing a TV reporter.

->Villian Entry. Sayaji Shinde comes in as police officer John Basha

->Kriti is doing a fabulous job. She doesn't seem like a debutant.

->Police Station scene is quite thrilling.

->Flashback...Little Superstar Goutham is doing fantastically good.

->Time for 'Aww Tuzo Mogh Kortha...' song.. nicely picturized

->An outstanding action sequence is on and this need to be credited into Sukumar's account. Fabulous!

->Island scenes between Prince and Kriti are going on..nice comedy.

->Slowly tempo speeds up and Devi Sri Prasad deserves a pat on the back for brilliant back ground score.

->Some emotional scenes between Mahesh and Kriti sanon followed by 'Sayonara...' song. Audiences here are cheering loudly.

->So far, its been a Hollywood range execution by Sukumar. Commendable direction!

->Goons trying to kill Kriti...Time for an action sequence.

->Camera work by Rathnavelu is just ravishing.

->An electrifying pre-interval episode between Mahesh and Villian and it will get good response in all the centres.


->Second half starts.

->Flashback started. Its Gautham again.

->Nassar as a cab driver and Pradeep Ravath also makes his entry.

->A bit of suspence has been revealed.

->Time for 'You are my Love..' song and it is very captivating.

->Whistles and claps for Mahesh Babu's moves. Huge hullabaloo all over.

->Mahesh Babu moves to London and his acting is too good.

->Posani comes in as a Cab driver Gulab Singh.

->Acting episodes in London.

->Time for Item number...'London Babu...' song featuring Sophie Choudry is going on.

->Mahesh chasing killer on the streets of London. Seems like a Hollywood inspiration.

-> The film is slowly inching towards climax with twists and suspence.

->Unnecessary CGI work and suspence unlocked again.

->Action sequence are going on... Villians are trying to kill Mahesh and Kriti.

->Suspence and twists in the story. Waiting for Climax.

->The twists are really twisting. They are just...'WOW'.

->Finally, Villain revealed. Climax scenes are going on.

->Emotional scenes on Mahesh Babu are fine and he is continuing his magic.

->The end...Wait...Story Continues.

->The END... now its a real one.

Written on October 11, 2013
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Nandu (NTR) is a college going lad who lives life in his own terms. He falls flat for Akarsha (Samantha) and ropes her in to his love very soon. With her help, he enters her house. Questions like What is he going to do there? Why is he there in the first place? directs the story to Akarsha’s home town. And then comes a girl, Ammulu (Shruti Hassan) in to the scene. As the story unfolds, many people come in. Who are they? and what happens next forms the crux of the story.

How did they perform?

Ramayya Vasthavayya is undoubtedly a one man show by NTR. The actor mesmerized all the fans and audience alike with his new look and styling. His acting skills and dialogue delivery are immaculate as always. Unlike his previous movies, he not restricted himself to floor movements in dances but bent his entire body this time. He excelled as Duryodhana in the introduction scene and the Emantivi Emantivi dialogue will give you goosebumps. The acting like Shami Kapoor scene is also excellent.

Samantha and Shruti Hassan looked gorgeous in the film. Both of them got one excellent song each – Jabilli Nuvve Cheppamma with Samantha and Nuvveppudaina with Shruti Hassan which will last long in their careers. However, their characters are overshadowed by NTR in the movie. Kota Srinivasa Rao as Minister, Ravi Shankar as Kota’s son, Mukesh Rishi as Samantha’s father, Rohini Hattangadi as grand mother, Rao Ramesh as CBI officer are best of their caliber.

Technical Performances:

Harish Shankar is a fans’ director and he present his heroes according to the dreams of their fans. The same thing happened to NTR too. This is the best makeover by any hero in the recent times. However, he should have done some good work in the script department. He did not get the right combination of entertainment, sentiment and commercial elements in the movie. Second half particularly is low on Entertainment and the climax is also weak.

All the songs of Thaman are chart-busters and are well shot too. Chota K. Naidu’s camera work is excellent. Editing could have been crisp in the second half. Production Values are superb as for every Dil Raju movie.

Final Say:

The first half is good with some good humour and it ended up a good bang. The second half goes a bit wayward after the flashback sequences. There are high dose of sentiment violence and emotions which derail the movie flow. Content wise the movie is an average fare and you can watch it for NTR for his Energetic and stylish performance, the big reason than anything in the movie.

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