Telugu Film Industry announces a call for collective participation towards HudHud relief – ‘MEMU SAITAM’

Telugu Film Industry announces a call for collective participation towards HudHud relief – ‘MEMU SAITAM’
The cyclone ‘Hudhud’, struck the beautiful Coastal City of Vizag and Uttara Andhra on the 12th Oct’ 2014, causing great destruction. A huge human effort is required to rebuild the affected areas and restore its lost glory, besides restoring the battered courage, morale and confidence of the affected people. A massive rebuilding operation is being undertaken by the Government and every endeavor however small or big, from every concerned individual will help further this cause. The Telugu Film Industry, has always strived and excelled in not only providing entertainment, but also in emphasizing the issues that concern the society and the nation. The Telugu Film Fraternity has always been consistent in initiating relief action on ground, in the face of numerous calamities, that have befallen the people of AP , Telangana and in other parts of India.

In the wake of HudHud, several Film personalities have already come forward and made substantial monetary and material donations. The Telugu Film Industry is making collective effort to put together a Massive and Marathon entertainment event on the 30th of November, to prompt the millions of Indians and large Indian Diaspora across the world to participate and contribute to their best capabilities, and provide succor to the Cyclone affected people and the area.

‘MEMU SAITAM’ aims to provide entertainment and excitement and to evoke compassion, camaraderie and secure wider participation from all audiences. ‘MEMU SAITAM’ is a ‘Call for collective participation’ from the Telugu Film Industry to invite people to donate generously towards this cause.

All proceeds from the ‘MEMU SAITAM’ campaign will be donated to the ‘AP CM RELIEF FUND’.

‘MEMU SAITAM’ consists of several exciting events that will allow people to participate and Donate.
• A 12-Hour Live Telethon
o Musical Performances with all the top Musicians, Singers and Stars
o Dance Performances by top Stars
o Entertainment Shows directed by popular directors and performed by the Stars
o An exciting Super Six Cricket Tournament with the Stars

• A Mega Lucky Draw for the complementary Pass holders who have donated Rs. 500/- for the Relief Fund and 104 Grand Prizes will be presented in the Show.

• Online Donations on

We look forward to your support and contribution.

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