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Tripura has Colors 'Swathi' in lead role along with Naveen Chandra.'Geethanjali' fame Raja Kiran will direct this female oriented movie.Dialogues are by Raja and Screenplay for Tripura is provided by Veligonda Srinivas.A.Chinnababu and M.Rajasekhar are the producers for the movie Tripura

Release Date :06/11/2015

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Rating: 3.0/5
It’s very difficult to have all the emotions in a thriller. Director Raaja Kiran has tried hard to have all of them. He has managed to create curiosity with 1st half. But, during the second half where all the missing blocks are added, the director fails in ending the story in a gripping way. Plus points of the film are story idea, Swathi and first half. Second half deserves a huge trimming as it wanders aimlessly and should have been narrated in a crisp manner.
Rating: 3.0/5
All these happenings remind people of Geetanjali and Maaya and many other previous films. Film continue in the second half in the same uninspiring manner. This time torture increases with forced comedy of Jaya Prakash Reddy and Shakalaka Shankar. Many are left to wonder why the ghost enters only in the body of the servant maid and in Tripura's body in the climax. Raja Kiran failed with his screenplay and direction.
Rating: 2.75/5
On the the whole, Tripura has some interesting moments here and there. Swathi’s performance, the concept and climax are basis assets. But it is the narration which drags the film way too long and spoils the gripping concept. All those who like suspense thrillers will end up liking it but for the rest it is just an below average affair and can watch this film if they have nothing else to do.
Rating: 2.5/5
Instead Tripura moves at a snail's pace that you will lose interest in knowing what has happened on that fateful night. Comedy didn't click and there is not a single scene that genuinely scares you. The twists and turns also are predictable that the great reveal in the climax didn't have any impact. Tripura might draw the attention of the audience's new found love towards this genre, but it lacks everything that pleases them.
Rating: 2.5/5
If you cannot wait to watch Geethanjali movie another time in the TV, walk to the theatres of Tripura, otherwise omit it.
Rating: 2.25/5
Colors Swathi and Naveen Chandra with their acting hold some interest too. Here and there the film offers some interesting moments but it is not gripping throughout because of its regular story and screenplay. Lengthy runtime also tests the patience.
The Hindu
Rating: --
Tripura has a few things going for it. The product is sleek and the horror is free of gore. Swathi fits the bill of a rustic girl finding her feet in the city, trusting her partner completely. Naveen Chandra makes his mark in an underwhelming part. Kannada actor Tilak puts in a brief appearance.
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    Greatandhra Channel
    below avg movie
    March 22, 2016
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    Film Gola
    Same Routine Stuff!
    November 06, 2015
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