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Rowdy Fellow is a telugu movie starring Nara Rohith and Vishakha Singh in lead roles.This movie is directed by debutant Krishna Chaitanya and produced by under Cinema 5 and Movie Mills.This is the second telugu movie of heroine Vishakha Singh. Aravindan P. Gandhi handles the camera and Sunny M R has composed the music for rowdy fellow movie.Editing for Rowdy fellow is done by Karthika Srinivas

Release Date :21/11/2014

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Rating: 3.0/5
On the whole, Rowdy Fellow showcases Nara Rohit’s tremendous growth as an actor. Even this film is different as his previous flicks and has something unique about it. The rustic set up, Nara Rohit and Rao Ramesh’s tremendous performance are basic plus points. On the flip side, a slightly off-track second half and slow pace makes this film just an ok watch.
Rating: 3.0/5
Watch Rowdy Fellow for powerful dialogues and Nara Rohit's new look as a cop.
Business Of Tollywood
Rating: 3.0/5
This film is unique and the way lyricist turned director Krishna Chaitanya handled it is good. Background score elevates the movie to the next level. Cinematography is also good. This movie is apt for Nara Rohit and his screen presence and dialogue delivery is awesome. He has been attempting to do something different with his films unlike the routine commercial potboilers. This one is also one among them. The remix song from NTR’s ‘Bhale Thammudu’ movie ‘Enthavarugani..vedantulaina gaane’ is very good.
Rating: 3.0/5
With so much positivity one would assume a thoroughly entertaining film but that is not the case here as these small and interesting parts don’t rise as a whole to make a mark. One universal cohesiveness that delivers a knock out punch is missing in the film. The film moves laboriously to arrive to the point. Despite this one overall problem the film courtesy of its characters is easily a watch once.
Rating: 3.0/5
Rowdy Fellow is an attempt narrate a story of an egoist turning into good Samaritan by doing selfless help to the people in a village. Plus points of the film are music, cinematography and dialogues. The negative points are lack of depth in subject, loose ends and snail-paced narration. On a whole, Rowdy Fellow is a good attempt to make a stylish yet different film.
Rating: 3.0/5
‘Rowdy Fellow’ is a stylish and unconventional police drama that is well supported by some good performances from Nara Rohith, Rao Ramesh and Posani Krishna Murali. However, inconsistent narration, slow pace and a bad romantic track spoil the overall experience. You may give this film a watch if you don’t mind slow dramas.
Rating: 2.75/5
Nara Rohit is just apt to the role. His mannerism, body language as arrogant cop are too good and he elevates himself with role. His dialog delivery improved and his screen presence is quite appealing. Rohith's performance in the climax episodes needs special mention. Overall, it is Rohith's show all the way.
Rating: 2.75/5
The film has a familiar plot but it is the way the whole thing has been treated that creates the difference. The first half goes about with some elements of comedy, some romane and some action. The interval bang was promising and the second half was more intense with more emotional quotient. Overall, this is a film which has been made with more of style than substance. This would appease the urban and multiplex audience in a big way while B,C centers would need a word of mouth publicity. At the box office, this can be an above average fare.
Rating: 2.75/5
Rohit comes with a mission to teach a lesson to SP. He forgets that just passes the time by teasing the heroine and her friends all the time. Things get better after his confrontation with an old lady and it starts to grab audience's attention. Second half is based on the war between hero and villain. Suddenly heroine goes out of scene and everything takes back seat. Although second half is slightly better than the first half, it gets interesting only towards the penultimate scenes.
Rating: 2.75/5
Tollywood is back with a finer political movie “Rowdy Fellow”. The film is a good entertainer with a fresh and interesting concept. If the Director had done more homework on its screenplay, the movie could have been a master piece. Even this film is different as Nara Rohit’s previous flicks and has something unique about it.
Rating: 2.5/5
Yet, the director could not resist the temptation to grab the basic idea from Attarintiki Daaredi’s richie rich hero played by Pawan Kalyan. So, he has an entourage constantly following his hero Rana Pratap throughout. Towards the climax, Rana Pratap even says his uncle is the CM of the state playing perfectly to the galleries.
Rating: 2.5/5
First half of the movie passes with plotting the characters and their connections leaving simple traces for the second half, which has something fresh to offer from the first one. Climax is not that impactive and logical, as the dialogues.On the whole, a keen entertainer that could be watched for storyline and performances. Strictly, not commercial film.
Rating: 2.5/5
On an average, this flick will entertain mass audience who like to see mass elements like powerful dialogues, hero and villain episodes and mass comedy. For class audience and the ones who are more towards romantic episodes, this flick may not touch the mark. In B and C centres, this flick is expected to touch the above average mark.
Rating: 2.5/5
The movie is overall OK. Very slow narration and run time might work against the movie. We need to wait and watch how the audience will receive the movie.
Rating: 2.25/5
ebutant Krishna Chaitanya seems to have been influenced by lot of Telugu and Hollywood stuff. His confusion in narrating the story with a new hybrid format of ‘Swamy Rara’ style on a mass action subject went wayward. Almost all the scenes and characterizations were lifted from other super hit films. Despite all these, everything looked half cooked with no fluency or completeness offered. Krishna Chaitanya’s efforts as a director are utterly inferior relative to his superior writing abilities. More disadvantageous is, for the first time Rohit has also become a drawback moving in comatose condition
Rating: 2.25/5
Biting more than what it can chew, the film packs too many ideas. The Rip Van Winkle hero takes up the cause of low salaries for cops and institutes a Police Welfare Fund as the prescription. There is a dose of revolutionary message at the end, never mind the fact that the film has ideas like the aforementioned one!
Rating: 2.0/5
Krishna Chaitanya tried to come with a powerful story on his debut with Nara Rohit who created impact with Pratinidhi. However right from the start he lost plot with slow narration. He tried to makeup for the lost time by speeding up from the interval. But unwanted comedy, songs acted as speed breakers. This evaporated interest among viewers and from then on it has been an uphill task for him.
Rating: 2.0/5
Rowdy Fellow is stylish but marred by a few drags and flaws. We are not told why did Nara Rohit return to India? Why is he so rich? Why did Reckless Vishaka falls in love with a simple man? What happens to Talluri Rameshwari post investigation? What keeps Rohit motivating post his ego satisfaction? Shunning Rohit, rest of the characters lack depth, situations look vacuous and uninspiring. The narrative is uneven and the tempo – not exactly girdlin
The Times Of India
Rating: 1.5/5
There are some flaws in the storyline. But the one that too glaring to ignore is the climax. MP Durgaprasad remains all alone and literally becomes a prisoner in the hands of the SI. Strange that he invites death at the hands of the man in such a way as he does. The background score, most of the times, is noisy and irritating. But you may still like the old-time melody 'Enthavarukani vadanthulainakani'.
Rating: 1.5/5
Finally, Rowdy Fellow is one more wasted opportunity. A good subject is marred by the inexperience of director which resulted in several flaws in the film. On the whole the film fails to impress the audience in anyway.
The Hindu
Rating: --
While the film is overall a good watch, there are a few ends that the director should have taken note of. For instance, Megha is clearly nothing more than a minor distraction in the plot and the director even seems to forget her after a point. Also while it has been established that Rana is a rich man with an influential background, nothing much is revealed about him. There is just the mysterious father who helps him out when he needs it and sends him a Porsche Carrera for solving his first case. Except for such few loose ends, the film is not a bad watch.
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  • Film Gola
    Film Gola
    Another example of inexperienced director missing out with an interesting story line.Nara Rohit should keep a check on his weight which is effecting his body language.
    Verdict:Strictly Average movie with many pot holes in screenplay
    November 21, 2014
  • Hari An
    Hari An
    Finally, this flick has got elements which will impress mass audience. For class audience, the entertainment part is limited. For the people who love dialogues, this flick will give them immense happiness.
    November 21, 2014
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