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This film stars Adivi Sesh (Villan in Panjaa),Priya Banerjee in lead roles.Produced by Saikiran Adivi under My Dream Cinema Pvt. Ltd / Thousand Lights Inc. banner.This movie is directed by Adivi Sesh who is also the lead actor in this movie.Priya Banerjee is an Indo-Canadian girl who was Top 10 Semi-Finalists in Miss World Canada 2011.

Release Date :13/09/2013

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Rating: 3.0/5
A cool flick which is completely taken in foreign backdrop. Though the establishment is a bit lagged, treatment of the story is clear and good without any sloppiness. Director narrated in non-linear mode. Background score really pumped up few scenes. Some laughing tidbits in intervals brought a bit smile on the faces of viewers. Adivi sesh funny English with a Punjabi guy is appreciable, though it was old concept, it made many laugh their lungs out.
Rating: 2.75/5
KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid) is decent, and pretty much a clean entertainer that's packaged well too with good songs, visuals, and dialogues. (Still, the audience may want to remember that the CBFC rating is 'A'.) The film justifies the tagline and the title as such may keep certain audiences away while it may bring in certain sections among the audience to the theatres.
Rating: 2.5/5
Overall, Kiss is an average romantic comedy entertainer. A good screenplay or editing would have made it better watch. It can be watched once.
Rating: 2.5/5
You may want to watch the movie for nice story line, pretty locations, smoothing music and well written lyrics. The movie is a worth watching and we from give a 3 stars to the movie and would also like to congratulate the cast and crew for an awesome work. Go for it guys!!!
Rediff Movies
Rating: 2.5/5
Yet, for all these drawbacks, it offers something different from the usual formula film. Thankfully, the staples of Telugu cinema are missing like the comedians, stereotypical humour, item number, song and dance at frequent intervals.
Rating: 2.25/5
Kiss is a romantic comedy that is slow and stale. Bad performances and poor screenplay never let the film take off. Priya Bannerjee’s beauty and good Cinematography are the only positive aspects of this movie. Except for multiplex crowds who are desperate to watch a movie, this film might not find any takers
Rating: 2.25/5
Adivi Sesh seems to have been burdened by both acting and direction. Though he is ok with acting, he failed in his direction. Even earlier Adivi Sesh failed in his direction with Karma. Though the subject is good, he failed in his effort to generate interest. Even now in KISS he couldn't do justice to both direction and acting. Unnecessary scenes are included like Mahesh Babu's comedy. He tried to send good message at the end but slow pace, duration of the film spoiled his work. Had someone else directed the film, output could have been better.
Rating: 2.0/5
benarjee is really good with her acting in the movie . She showed up her emotional part very well on screen. We know Adivi Sesh skills from Karma movie. He too did well. Rest of all did justice to their characters.Weak script,Slow pace,Lack of comedy and Commercial elements are major draw backs
Rating: 2.0/5
The film comes across as an urban youth entertainer and though the hero was shown as mass character since the backdrop is US it was hard to sync. Still, the first half goes on a lighter mode whereas the second half gets into emotional stuff and some sentiment. Overall, this is a film which has been taken sensitively and appeals to the sensitive viewers and not for front benchers. At the box office, this would surely get a success mark.
The Times Of India
Rating: 2.0/5
In so far as the theme is concerned, the filmmaker Adivi Sesh has shown that he has a purpose in making the movie. He also drives home the point in an effective way. Perhaps, some of the scenes could have been pruned. As the lead character in the film, Adivi Sesh also gets a natural feel into his portrayal. Priya Banerjee puts effort into getting her expressions right in her role. Shafi displays some comic histrionics in his unusual role.
Rating: 2.0/5
Age old story with a very poor treatment, poor editing and screen play, dragging second half, average performance of artists.When it is supposed to be a youthful romantic entertainer, obviously there should be perfect chemistry between the lead pair, but it is found occasionally in the movie. Merely shooting at San Francisco of an age old story doesn’t guarantee for the success, proves this film.
Rating: 1.75/5
Neither the comedy works nor the romantic scenes between the leads work for the Kiss film instead it makes the audiences loose patience and look for climax. Kiss has little entertainment but it goes in vain due to the staleness and illogical sequences. Editor should have sharpened his scissors to trim down unnecessary stuff especially the dragging scenes in the second half. The narration is dragging while the presentation is unconvincing giving an amateur attempt.
Rating: 1.7/5
Adivi Sesh failed totally in right from script,screenplay and direction. He forgot that he shouldn’t be satisfied with the story but viewers should be. Kiss instead of giving entertainment gave head ache to them. Slow pace and spineless performances made this Kiss sour.
Rating: 1.5/5
Adivi Sesh is a good actor, but could have made a better product out of KISS. Like his earlier film, KISS has good moments, but the overall offering fails. Priya looks good and does the needful. The other characters have funny one liners that may be the only thing going for the film.
Rating: 1.5/5
A film must have an agenda. It should be either entertaining or different or promote a message or at least be good for time pass. But the audience is left wondering as to what was the main purpose in making such a movie – was it because the makers thought it was entertaining or did they think they were giving out a message? Whatever be their reason, the audience surely misses the point.
Rating: 1.5/5
Adavi Shesh appears fine in real life but appears like a villain on screen. Seems he is still in Panjaa hangover. He tried to appear as energetic hero at times and decent guy at some other times. He failed in both ways. But he has succeeded in picturising visually pleasing scenes. But failed in script department. Editing and music have been haphazard. Priya is nice. All other actors are Americans. Not one face will get registered.
Rating: 1.5/5
Coming to the technical aspects of the movie direction by Sesh is ok in couple of moments, but on the whole he unsuccessful to create the preferred impact. Poor selection of script does not provide him much scope to create a memorable film.Story is wafer thin and script goes awry. Seem track is extremely poor, but background score is nice in couple of moments. Cinematography is neat. Beautiful locations of San Fransisco assisted the cinematographer
Rating: 1.0/5
While the first half is ok second half tested with unnecessary scenes. Lack of commercial elements and humour are the drawbacks in the film. The film is fully loaded with bad performances from everyone.
Rating: 1.0/5
There is nothing noteworthy about this film and it will be difficult to watch it completely on Television too. Kiss is one of those pointless and purposeless movies which come and go. Keep distance and Stay Safe from this romantic comedy that will make you repent every minute that you sit in the theaters.
Rating: 1.0/5
KISS is the kind of film that should be stuck in a lab because nobody would come forward to distribute such an amateurishly tiresome film with one of the most dreadful casting.
Rating: 0.5/5
First half of the film is boring as it has single thread throughout. Second half is slightly better. The movie suffers from ratty direction and feckless screenplay. Kiss is a hodgepodge of various romantic films garnished with stale jokes. To make matters worse there are very few scenes that arouse laughter that was alleged to be a comedy by its makers. Kindly give this Kiss a miss.
Rating: --
In so far as the theme is concerned, the filmmaker Adivi Sesh has shown that he has a purpose in making the movie. He also drives home the point in an effective way. Perhaps, some of the scenes could have been pruned. As the lead character in the film, Adivi Sesh also gets a natural feel into his portrayal. Priya Banerjee puts effort into getting her expressions right in her role.
The Hindu
Rating: --
The story drags just when you feel it is drawing to a close. It takes a lot of time to settle down to the story and character and amateur handling of the script. The pace is slow, chemistry between the lead pair is nil and there is no entertainment quotient. The only happy thing about the film is that it has been filmed in authentic locations. Bharat and Priya brighten up the slow and dull tale and the title sounds corny. Directing and acting simultaneously is a tough job;
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