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KARTHIKEYA is directed by debutant Chandoo Mondeti and produced by Venkat Srinivas Prasad under Magnus Cine Prime banner.Starrs Nikhil Siddharth and Swati Reddy in lead roles. The film marks the second time Nikhil Siddharth and Swati Reddy are paired together after Swamy Ra Ra. The soundtrack will be composed by Sekhar Chandra .The film is being shot simultaneously in both Telugu and Tamil.Karthikeya is produced under Magnus Cine Prime Banner.

Release Date :24/10/2014

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Rating: 3.75/5
Nikhil is sent for a medical camp along with his team to Subramanyapuram; when Nikhil & team reached to the place unexpected mysterious things happened on his team. Nikhil tries to make known the mystery and find the truth behind the things happened in the past. How Nikhil chased the mystery, want to know; go and watch the movie on big screens and enjoy the thrill.
Rating: 3.5/5
On the whole, Karthikeya is one of the most refreshing films in the recent past. Novel concept, gripping screenplay, Nikhil’s performance and cleverly designed suspense elements make this film different from others and ends up as quite an engaging watch this weekend.
Business Of Tollywood
Rating: 3.5/5
This movie has a different concept and the story is good. Director though debutant has handled the screenplay in a decent way. Cinematography is excellent. This movie turns interesting with the scientific and credulity. Punnami Vennala and Inthalo songs are very good. VFX shots in the film are brilliant and elevates the flashback episodes. The story has been implemented without inserting forced commercial elements.
Rating: 3.5/5
Comedy quotient is neatly maintained in the movie without deviating from the story line. After the interesting first half and the interval bang, few unfolds in the counterpart appears predictable. Abrupt Climax leaves instances for the sequel.
Rating: 3.25/5
‘Karthikeya’ is an engrossing thriller that deserves a visit to the theater this weekend. Good visuals, a nice story and soothing music offset a slightly unsatisfactory second half. Nikhil has another potential hit on his hands.
Rating: 3.25/5
Nikhil is the show stopper. He performed brilliantly and probably we can rate this film as his best. Nikhil changed his style completely for this film. Overall a good presentation by Nikhil in all aspects. To be frank, Swati has nothing to offer in this film but did justice to whatever she is offered. In some scenes, Swati looks elder to Nikhil but the camera work covers her up. Thanikella Bharani has a meaty role and rest of the cast were ok.
Rating: 3.25/5
Till now, we have seen family entertainers, action and mass entertainers in this season. Here is a thriller too. This venture is a different genre flick with equal importance to all the shades. First half looked good and in the second half, varied pace was observed in the story. Climax looked good but audience will expect more thrilling ending compared to the present one. On an average, one can watch this flick for the story.
Rating: 3.25/5
Karthikeya's plot revolves around a mysterious temple and the director maintains the suspense until pre climax. It is very tough to insert comedy into serious plots like these, but the director made sure that there is ample situational comedy in the film. First half of the film is engaging as well as entertaining.
Rating: 3.25/5
Actor Nikhil and producer should be appreciated for agreeing to do a film that is different from regular Telugu movies. Supported by a neat screenplay and a bit of comedy, debutant director Chandoo Mondeti delivers a decent movie. Additional plus point of the movie is runtime (2 hours and 5 minutes). The minus points of the movie are slow-paced narration. The family drama and romance didn’t work well. On a whole, Karthikeya is a different yet interesting movie.
Rating: 3.25/5
'Konni Abaddalu Alochinchakunda Nammutham, Konni Nijalu Nammadaniki Alochistam' and 'Prapanchamlo Prathi Prasnaki Samadhanam Untundhi, Samadanam Lekapothe Samasya Prasnadhi Kadu Prayathnanidi' are best dialogues.
Rating: 3.25/5
God vs science = Karthikeya Karthikeya is undoubtedly a good attempt first half is good second half is bit slow over all we can watch this film . Karthikeya has no regular commercial values it may disappoint mass audience
The Times Of India
Rating: 3.25/5
Telugu film industry's tryst with suspense thrillers, in any given year, is quite marginal and it's all the more rare to come across a suspense thriller that's done right. In this context, where dabbling with a bunch of cliches is the name of the game, Karthikeya comes like a breath of fresh air. It does fall short from being a true blue edge-of-the-seat thriller and the climax pops up quite abruptly, but a closer look at the proceedings in the film establishes the notion that filmmaker Chandoo Mondeti is a good storyteller, who gives the mood of the story as much importance as he gives to the story and its characters.
Rating: 3.25/5
The director also introduces the novel concept of animal hypnosis to retain the interest of the audience. But a mysterious temple town, a couple in love and a few mysterious deaths are enough to keep the audiences glued. Chandoo Mondeti has surely come up with a hit formula or so it looks.
Rating: 3.0/5
otally Karthikeya is one of the most refreshing films in the recent past. Novel concept, gripping screenplay, Nikhil’s performance and cleverly designed suspense elements make this film different from others and ends up as quite an engaging watch this weekend.
Rating: 3.0/5
ome of the episodes entertain, especially the scenes involving Swathi and Nikhil, the latter believes that Swathi is his Lucky Mascot. The paradox of a sceptical mind who shuns the imperceptible as superstition even while attributing the good things that happen in his life to the special girl could have been invoked, showing the protagonist seeing the divine hand himself before the climax. Instead, there are the mundane scenes like a comedian being made fun of. Shankar Melkote, an amusing principal, getting him to to the place is anything but imaginative.
Rating: 3.0/5
Finally, Karthikeya is a very good 'God Vs Science' thriller and is well executed. At the time, when audience are mashed up with back to back mass masalas, the film comes as a breather.
Rating: 3.0/5
From the first frame itself, the whole movie runs talking about certain day to day activities linking superstitions, science and God. The second half is completely into unpuzzle the enigma of deaths in temple town which ends in a logical climax. The short run time is the major plus point of the film. With just three songs, the movie runs in fast pace without any drag or lag. Even the romantic angle between the lead pair is well etched and adds few feel good moments in the film.
Rating: 3.0/5
Karthikeya is a supernatural suspense thriller. The story of the movie revolves around the mystery of the Subramaniapuram temple and why the temple has remained closed for long! Any person who attempt to reveal the secret of the temple is mysteriously bitten by a venomous snake. Karthikeya gets even more interesting with a series of suspenses that follows.
Rating: 2.75/5
I feel that Chandoo Mondeti lacked in cinematic sense by missing the sharpness in subject and execution. Technically and production standards wise, he had a good team to deliver. Yet, the output was only middling. Coming out of theaters, one could not recollect any single shocking episode in the so called Suspense Thriller. Chandoo could have delivered a 3.5 star rating movie, if the final element of Suspense and Thrill has stormed in shaking the viewers. Finally, if you have to burn off time… watch this movie one time but enter into cinema hall with least expectation. Good Promotions can save the film to certian extent.
Rating: 2.75/5
The story starts off with mysterious murders and with the introduction of hero, heroine, it quickly picks up pace. However he failed to maintain the same momentum in the second half for around 5-10 minutes and one gets a feeling that it ended abruptly. However it is good attempt by a debutant Chandu Mondeti who added creativity to simple story.
Rating: 2.75/5
Leave that little boring second half aside, and step into theater to watch ‘Karthikeya’ for its excellent visuals and impressive music through out the film. And yeah, Nikhil wonn’t disappoint you. A definite one time watch on a weekend. You can blindly give it a shot.
Rating: 2.5/5
When involving a divinity element to prove a clash between science and spirituality, it is important to justify both ends. However, this film looked like using divine element as a scapegoat and showing the nature of human beings. The first half was somewhat promising and had few elements of humor, romance. The interval bang was interesting. But things began to wear down in the second half with not many twists and predictable sequences. The ending was quite stale. Overall, this is a film which had good potential to score but was not handled rightly. At the box office, it would be a below average grosser.
Rating: 2.5/5
Thankfully here is a suspense thriller film that stays true to the genre and makes an honest attempt to keep a viewer interested. Okay, so it may not be as polished a product as a Murari or as intriguing as a Anveshana; still the fact remains that when it comes to an overall narrative, director Chandu Modeti has his basics well in place.
Rating: 2.5/5
Karthikeya is surely a suspense thriller film that stays true to the genre and makes an honest attempt to make interesting to the audience. The movie comes at a time, when suspense thrillers became almost extinct in Tollywood. Overall, Karthikeya is a different movie with a potentially good concept.
The Hindu
Rating: --
Instead of choosing a safe romantic comedy he picks a thriller to tell a story of an ancient temple that has been closed following unexplained deaths and in the second half, unravels the mystery and closes the story glorifying the existence of god but not before a superficial debate on religious beliefs and rational thinking. Chandu’s debut work is one of the better Telugu films seen in recent months but as a murder mystery set against a temple background, the film is not as thrilling as one would expect a work in this genre to be.
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  • Film Gola
    Film Gola
    Back to back hits for Nikhil!Karthikeya maintains the suspense quotient.If only climax was better where the movie becomes predictable.But Overall ,Good thriller from telugu film industry after long time,
    October 24, 2014
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