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Kalyana Vaibhogame Starrs Naga Shaurya, Malavika Nair in lead rolesProduced by KL Damodara Prasad ,this movie is Directed by Nandini Reddy. Music for kalyana vaibhogame is given by Kalyan Koduri.

Release Date :04/03/2016

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Rating: 3.25/5
On the whole, Kalyana Vaibhogame is a decent and well made family entertainer. Beautiful emotions, lead pair’s performance and good family bonding are basic assets. If you manage to sit through the lengthy run time and go with the mood of the film, you swill surely end up liking this emotional and contemporary family drama.
Rating: 3.25/5
Commercially, KV can do good business in all centers if makers promote it on right pitch. Cinejosh might be a bit liberal but the film is worth getting 3.25 stars for a genuinely narrated content.Wholesome Family Entertainer.
Rating: 3.0/5
All in all, Kalyana Vaibhogame is a good romantic drama with decent performances and nice emotional sequences.
Rating: 3.0/5
The film drags tad too much towards the end and gets over melodramatic as if it is pleading for us to shed a tear or two. Nandini Reddy ends it on a funny note by introducing her characters from Ala Modalaindi towards the end. It is a nice creative touch by the director. Kalyana Vaibhogame is not a perfect film but it has enough to keep us entertained through it. It is a must watch for people who love to watch Romantic comedies.
Rating: 3.0/5
Kalyana Vaibhogame is a film that explains the sanctity of marriage.. Novelty and freshness are the order of the day. Plus points of the film are novel story and actors performances. On the flip side, slow-paced narration coupled with predictable screenplay and excessive dialogues makes the movie sluggish. The success of the film depends on the patronage of family crowds.
Rating: 3.0/5
All in all, Kalyana Vaibhogame is predictable at a higher level but has some nice moments captured without too much of seriousness. It is a pop-corn entertainer that plays safe.
Rating: 3.0/5
f the run time is not a question and has a patience to sit in the hall, for more time than what you pre-planned, Kalyana Vaibhogame entertains you well with some quality family emotions. Needless to say it is a wholesome family entertainer in Tollywood after a long time.
Rating: 2.5/5
What about the result? Nandini Reddy did exactly the same like Ala Modalaindi? No way. Only multiplex audiences might enjoy this film, but not all youths. With whole second half reminding Ala Modalaindi, family audiences may feel unhappy. The film's trade depends on how good other releases like Shourya and Guntur Talkies will be.
Rating: 2.0/5
Shourya lacks thrills.Entire first half goes aimlessly testing the patience of viewers. Songs acted as speed breakers. After creating interest in before the interval and pre-climax, he ends the story in a routine manner.
The Hindu
Rating: --
When Shaurya and Divya meet for a pelli choopulu, they are relieved to learn that both don’t like the idea of marriage. They cook up stories, paint a negative picture of the other and wriggle out of that marriage. Not for long. Their respective families make them meet a whole bunch of caricaturish grooms and brides. To find some peace, the two plan to get married to appease their families, and then file for a quick divorce. What unfolds thereafter is a story of relationships and bonds between families.
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