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Baahubali -The conclusion is the next film in the baahubali series.Directed by S S rajamouli ,baahubali -the conclusion has Prabhas ,Rana ,Thamanna and Anushka portray the same roles as they were seen in the first part.MM Keeravani composes music for Baahubali-The conclusion.

Release Date :28/04/2017

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Rating: 4.5/5
A movie that has never been shot in such a way in the history of Indian Cinema! Movie has some spectacular war episodes, the exciting war weapons and interesting strategies implemented. It is not that the movie doesn’t have any minus points but the kind of story and magnificent vision the director had is something that needs to be appreciated. Overall, it is the ‘Marvel of Indian Cinema’
Rating: 4.5/5
Baahubali: The Conclusion is one of the finest films of Indian cinema that should not be given a miss. Indian cinema should feel proud for having SS Rajamouli here. Baahubali: The Conclusion is an epic that will end up as the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema.
Rating: 4.0/5
On the whole, Baahubali-2 is a long story well-told that has ended not too soon. But it is an experiment definitely worth the wait despite minor flaws. It is a tribute to the story-telling ability imbibed by Rajamouli. A must watch, pride of Telugu Cinema.
Rating: 4.0/5
Baahubali 2 is one film which leaves you speechless. Right from the word go, it has intense drama and action as every frame in the film is a visual wonder. Be it the heroic fights or the lavish war scenes, Rajamouli showcases some never before scenes in Indian film history. This film will be remembered and spoken about for years to come and break every possible record in the country. The performances, drama and the lavish scale look jaw dropping and make this film a never before experience for every movie lover. Finally, just ignore the simple story line and do yourself a favor by taking your entire family to watch this magnum opus called Baahubali as wonders like these only happen very rarely.
Rating: 3.75/5
Baahubali 2 Movie is a visual wonder that was seen in the Indian Cinema for the first time with more than 1000 technicians worked together. Audiences are so excited and will be happy to see this spectacular movie with 4K resolution. The movie has so much story involved in it. Hats off to S.S. Rajamouli
Rating: 3.5/5
Stunning visuals, mesmerizing graphics, background music, Cinematography work, performance of Prabhas, Rana, Anushka and Ramya Krishna, powerful climax fight between Prabhas and Rana are the major assets of the movie. Earlier many criticized Baahubali:The Beginning as contentless but Bahaubali:The Conclusion has powerful story with twists and turns. The movie has an interesting first half and emotional second half that connects well to the audience.
Rating: 3.5/5
This conclusion part has an interesting first half and emotional second half which connects well to the audience. Director SS Rajamouli is in the perfect timing and has written a perfect screenplay for this part to match the level of expectations and he has succeeded in doing so. To, sum up, This conclusion is not going to conclude it’s box office run with normal collections and is going to be the biggest blockbuster.
Rating: 3.5/5
'Baahubali The Conclusion' like the first part is an example of a film made with high technical imagery. The final part is also epic in its scale and ambition and is racy. The answer to "Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali ?" is told in the second half but the movie has many more high sequences. It is a film made with sentiment sequences and heroism-elevating scenes. But the material also has many flaws, which will be noticed more once the dust settles down. Despite these flaws (weak romance/lengthy fights, tad predictable climax), the film gives total entertainment and reinforces Rajamouli's supremacy in telling stories with visual effects. Watch it.
Rating: 3.5/5
"Baahubali The Conclusion" is a true blockbuster movie that is aimed to impress the larger section of audiences. Rajamouli has stressed more on emotions which were lacking in the first part. So, the film caters to both sections that look for emotions and that want to get swayed by the visuals and war scenes.
Rating: 3.5/5
First half of the film is excellent with a superb interval block. Second half is good with story and internal political drama taking precedence. Plus points of the film are Rajamouli’s classy vision and conceiving of scenes, first half, interval episode, background music, characterizations and actors. On the flipside, pace slows down in second half and climax appear extended. Despite a couple of shortcomings, Baahubali: The Conclusion gives a perfect ending to the Baahubali: The Beginning. You must watch it in the best theater!
Rating: 3.5/5
Baahubali 2 is targeted mainly at Telugu audience with Rajamouli mark commercial equations at the cost of making rigid, well built characters bent elastically for our convenience. This may hamper Baahubali 2 Box Office run in other languages and repeat audience in Telugu is also doubtful. Yet, the film is a visual masterpiece with dedicated efforts from Rajamouli team visible throughout. Apparently, there is a winner for sure on hand for producers and buyers but the level of appreciation, glory and reverence Rajamouli team garnered with Part 1 will be missed with Part 2.
Rating: 3.5/5
Saahore Rajamouli and Co.Baahubali 2 is definitely better than its predecessor and is also one of the best works of Rajamouli. It is surely worth the hype and all the existing box office records will eventually bow down to its might. Go watch it in theaters.
Rating: 3.5/5
Baahubali-2 is immensely satisfying as a whole. There are a few discrepancies here and there but they get washed out once we come out of the theaters. Looks like Rajamouli has got a 1000 Crore film here.
Rating: 3.25/5
A visual extravaganza with more on emotions. If you ignore some slow pace scenes and lengthy climax you can watch one time. With No Repeat value, investment recovery for buyers is doubtful.
Rating: 3.25/5
Baahubali The conclusion shows its power.Rajamouli attracted with his story, screenplay and direction. But one gets a feeling that VFX in the second part did not reach the level of the first part and same is the case with the songs. But for all the drawbacks Rajamouli emerged winners as he did not reveal the secret of why Kattappa killed Baahubali till the end.
Rating: 3.0/5
The technical aspect of the movie and actors Prabhas and Rana Daggubai’s performances deserves a big round of applause. Hats off to Rajamouli and his Baahubali team.
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  • Sivakumar Illa
    Sivakumar Illa
    As expected block buster
    April 28, 2017
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