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AAHA KALYANAM is a romantic comedy film made in tamil-telugu directed by debutant A. Gokul Krishna and produced by Aditya Chopra's Yash Raj Films. A remake of Maneesh Sharma's successful 2010 Hindi film, Band Baaja Baaraat, the film features Nani and Vaani Kapoor in the lead roles.This is the first south film produced by Yash Raj Films.

Release Date :21/02/2014

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Rating: 3.0/5
Aaha Kalyanam is such kind of movie which is comparable to its original in all possible ways except for the feel and enigma created by BBB.Even good actors like Nani and Vani Kapoor seemed slightly artificial when compared to Ranveer and Anushka. People who did not watch the original will enjoy it especially the multiplex crowd. Go for it to kill your pass time!
Rating: 3.0/5
Overall, Aaha Kalyanam is good comedy entertainer, which members of family can watch together. Since it has Tamil scent in every aspects, it may not impress the Telugu viewers.
Rating: 3.0/5
Aha Kalyanam is not only a remake of Bollywood's super hit movie Band Baja Bharath but also a Telugu dubbed version of Tamil nativity film. If director Gokul Krishna could have taken a little care on the dubbing part, editing and Telugu nativity of this film, which are said to be the drawbacks, Aha Kalyanam would have got a very good response. Nani steals the show, as he performed well and this movie is said to be a good start for Bollywood's famous production house Yash Raj Films to make a start in Tollywood. Finally Aaha Kalyanam is a one time watcher.
Rating: 2.75/5
Second half is too flat with predictable screenplay. This part doesn't work if you don't feel the pain of the characters. Aaha Kalyanam started off well and fizzles too quickly and ends up as an average fare. You can try it if you haven't watched the original. Those who have seen BBB can wait for the home edition of Aaha Kalyanam
Rating: 2.75/5
While the first half has some interesting moments, the second half moves on predictable lines lacking emotional depth. Also, the entire film is of Tamil flavor including none of the Telugu popular supporting cast and it can be felt throughout the movie. Aaha Kalyanam can be watched for the lead cast performances, the romantic movements and colorfully pictured songs.
Rating: 2.75/5
Aha Kalyanam is a film works partially only because of Nani's star status and talent. Sizzling chemistry from the lead pair is a plus. But a dragged out second half with not much of emotional depth spoils the fun. You can give this film a shot only for Nani, otherwise there is nothing Aaha about it
Rating: 2.5/5
True pulling factor of this film is the jodi of Nani and Vaani Kapoor. Just like Hindi version, Nani-Vaani chemistry worked for most of the time. There is a magical touch in their body languages. However, there is problem with scripting and direction. When rehashing the same Hindi script, director Gokul has totally failed to manage the nativity. In fact, I can say that 'Aaha Kalyanam' is more of a dubbing (from Tamil to Telugu) than a remake.
Rating: 2.5/5
Though promoted as a bilingual, it appeared more like a dubbed film. Care was not taken even during the close up shots with respect to lip sync. The nativity factor was also missed with proper Tamil casting. And it is needless to say how the dialogue pattern sounds in a dubbed film. Except Nani, there is nothing that pulls the Telugu crowds to theatres. And it is true that the trailer has a pull factor as it proved successful in bluffing the audience that it is a tight packed rom com entertainer.
Rating: 2.25/5
To be very frank, the film Aaha Kalyanam doesnt lives up to its expectations for the people who've already watched the super hit Band Baaja Baarat. However it is an enjoyable experience for the people who are watching it for the first time. Though it is not a regular Telugu format film. There are so many chances for Nani fans to have a huge smile and rejoice, since their hero has delivered what he is good at
Rating: 2.0/5
The first half of the film is okay and second half is dragged. This film is a failed effort from Gokul Krishna to dish out youth orientation and romantic instead of content. Aaha Kalyanam script had potential, but goes wasted. The first half starts off well, but post session (poetic kiss) scene, it begins to fall apart. You desperately hope it picks up, but it doesn't. The direction and writing in the second half of the film, completely ruins what looked like a decent entertainer from the trailers.
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  • Film Gola
    Film Gola
    The script had the potential but the director failed to make an impact.Passable first half ,but the second half is dragged which makes the audience wonder what is happening!Back to Back debacles for Nani

    Verdict:This surely is going the 'Jabardasth' way.
    February 21, 2014
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